Tony & Claire

Hello, my name is Claire and I have been co- owner of Tony Claire Photography with my husband Anthony (Tony) for the past 10 years. We are very lucky to meet amazing people everyday and have the best times photographing everything from flowers to professional golfers. We have the very best job, owning a professional photography company.

We started thinking about each type of photography that we offer, senior portraits, family photos, head shots, commercial photography including products, places and people, engagements and weddings, sports teams and individuals, action shots, events, concerts and decided each inspired their own focus.

So we created “The Photography Company” with four categories Smiley Cyrus Photo Booth (photo booth), Sports Photography (Sports, Events and Graphics), Portraits (Senior portraits, family photos, professional head shots, engagements and weddings) and Commercial (commercial photography, professional head shots and events).

In April of 2017 we added a photo booth to our company and a lot more fun!

OK, the photo booth came with some work, like how to market it, who was going to work the events, a new website, new name (it definitely needed one, Smiley has his own personality).

So through this process, we came up with Smiley Cyrus Photo Booth inspired by our nephew Cyrus. I have a full wall in our house of Cyrus prints and everyone of them he is smiling and that puts a smile on my face.

The next task was to find great people that could work events, not only have the funnest personalities, but be professional, have great customer service skills and be technical enough to set up and run the booth. Of course we did find the very best team and they rock every event!


Our Portraits category includes senior portraits, family photography, professional head shots and love stories (weddings and engagements). We feel that these types of photography are all about emotion, life, love, family, growing, who we are, fun, memories and laughter.

Not only do we offer phenomenal photography, we build personal relationships with our clients. Believe it or not we can name and tell something personal about every portrait client we have had over the past 10 years.

We believe that portrait photography is about you and producing prints that will produce memories that will make you smile everyday. This is why we do the majority of our sessions on the location of your choice, you have to feel good about the session and your photographer. We take all the time necessary to get the right looks, feelings and memories for you. We also do a personal review of your session and help select the prints that will make you smile J


We are a team that excels in photography, business and technology that creates imagery and web solutions that articulate the qualities that drive people to purchase our customers products. We provide excellent customer service, guiding and helping our customers to position their product positively in the marketplace where their customers will want to connect with them.

Commercial photography includes images of people, places and products that are used in marketing promotions, web sites and places of business that evoke an emotion that drives customers and potential customers to do business. Think about the companies that you do business with and why. One of my favorite companies to study is McDonalds they never have a bad image and they do a spectacular job of enticing customers to eat at their restaurants. That is why there is a McDonalds every couple of miles throughout the US.

I have a Bachelor degree in Information Systems Management and a MBA and have worked as a programmer, business analyst and web developer over the past 20 years in addition to all of the business dealings of Tony Claire Photography. Anthony is a Master of Lighting and Photography and continues to study his craft in depth. Prior to owning our business he was a distribution and fleet manager for the b2b warehouse operation for Office Max.

This unique combination of skills makes us the right choice for your business photography needs, not only do we produce excellent quality images, we know the business behind the image.


Sports Photography is where we started.

Our very first sports job was to do team and individual photos for the athletic teams at Rio Rancho High School ten years ago. We have continued to do this contract and now include Cleveland High School, Eagle Ridge Middle School, Lincoln Middle School, Mountain View Middle School and Rio Rancho Middle School. It is truly amazing to meet so many scholar athletes and watch them accomplish so much.

Over the years we have added many additional graphic services to help the different teams brand themselves and look professional. We offer game day programs, schedule posters, banners, whole wall designs and so much more.

Anthony loves sports! Competition is in his heart, it doesn’t matter if it is football or ping pong he loves sports! This makes him a phenomenal action photographer, he always knows where the play is going to be and puts himself in the right spot. He can look at any of his action photos and tell you what happened and sometimes even way more than you ever wanted to know.

Events and concerts also fall into Sports Photography. We do photos for everything from kindergarten graduations to corporate awards to major concerts. If you are having an event worth having then it should be documented and photographed.

Although each of our categories have a different personality we love each one just as much as the next and work extremely hard to give our clients the best photography experience possible.

Sincerely, Anthony and Claire.